Monday, September 24, 2012

Haunted house...

Yesterday the kids decided they would "haunt the house" in the hopes of scaring memommie when she came home from the hospital. They set up elaborate walkie talkie spooky sounds and bugs in the hall and to top it all of Alex dressed up as Dracula. Memommie didn't come home, but they scared Chris instead!

Hunger games party

This weekend we had Aubrie's birthday party, she loves the hunger games so we had a hunger games themed party. Here are some of the highlights from the day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

When the TV is taken away....

The mice, er kids, finally learn to play!

If you know me well at all you know that I love technology. In fact, I am pretty much a technology junkie.
Except when it comes to TV's. I couldn't bring myself to actually change out a perfectly good TV just to get a new one. Soo we have had the same glass front TV for about forever. It started to act a little funny close to christmas though so I decided I would ask Santa for a new one. The kids have been properly instructed to turn the TV off when they aren't using it....
So here is my ACTUAL story! They were grounded yesterday from the TV because they paused it and left it paused all day long. (That is bad for the TV and can cause burn in, in case you didn't know that...) So they had to find something else to do, a tragedy.

They decided to dress up as spies and solve mystery's. I happened to be the villain in all of their cases, imagine that.
They also decided that they are now to be roommates since Alex has a bunk bed and they have made Aubrie's room a playroom. I sat there and observed as they redecorated their rooms, moved all of Alex's toys to Aubrie's room. I sat and let them do all of this because this was the first time that I can remember them playing together and not fighting. I heard Aubrie say "lets go in there and sit with Mommy" and Alex responded "No lets just hang out in here for a while". It was precious. Later Alex came through and told me "We are putting together a 100 piece puzzle, it is a picture of dolphins." It was a proud moment, my sweet babies, for once finally playing together. It was wonderful.

Tonight I see the hunger games...I am excited beyond belief. I hope it is as good as I expect. I'm sure it won't compare to the book, but nevertheless, I am excited!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soccer mom....

Suddenly I woke up and became a full time soccer mom! As soon as I get home from work these days it's off to tball practice, then softball practice, dance, groceries, then tball and softball at the same time at two different places! Sheesh! Give a girl a break!!! My house looks like I'm hoarding junk, because stuff is strewed here and there, and I have a daily come apart!! But we are happy, having fun, and I guess there is more to life than a clean, and organized home. Although is it too much to ask to have both!

Hungry Hungry Games...

Shirt woot had a shirt this week in honor of the Hunger Games movie and I had to share it. It will be mine...very soon.